Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blaster Masters, LLC carry insurance? Yes, we have full coverage liability insurance.

Your commercial grade equipment looks high powered. Will it damage my deck? No. We use different grades of pressure tips depending on the type of job, which restricts the pressure to just the right amount. We have 18 years of experience pressure washing.

Can you provide me references of past customers? Yes. We have hundreds of happy customers. Quality work and affordable prices provide us with great customer loyalty and referrals.

I'm having an outdoor party soon, how quickly can you get here and get the job done? We schedule around your needs. Most decks can be finished within a 2-3 day window, depending on the weather.

How long after you finish staining or painting my deck, can we use it?  Most decks will be dry enough to walk on in 1-2 days. Allowing more time to dry in the sun without furniture and foot traffic is ideal. Usually 3 days total.

My project is not close to a water supply? Can you still help? Yes! We have a mobile water & generator power supply to get the job done.

I have mold and mildew on my vinyl siding. Do you have a hot water machine? Yes. 

Do you need a deposit to get the job started? No. We do not collect payment until the job is finished and the customer is happy with the work.